Greetings gang! It's almost time for us to get together and play! Thank the powers that be for our dear friend Lesley Everett Bowles for putting all of this gloriousness together again.

It is with great joy that Trena will be back out to see you all, and she's making me come too! I'm joking! I look forward to seeing some of you also!

For those of you that haven't met us yet, My wife and I are your personal photography staff for the event. We are there for you, to document the art that you create at ACE, no matter how big or small. Yep, arm doodles count. Yep, henna counts. Yep, cheek art counts, yep whatever in the heck Mandy Gibson and Alejo Antonio Casalotti created counts too.  

And we also do headshots for business cards and advertising for your fine self. And do you have a costume or uniform you use on gigs? Bring it! Oh, and balloons yep, we photograph them too! No Stetson, we will not be doing your Boudoir set, I draw the line there!  (Ok, well maybe, but you better bring us some really good Texas wine!)

The cost to photograph anything and everything you do is Zero dollars! It costs you nothing to walk into our room and get your pictures done. Also, Lesley gets really mad if you don't bring it all into my room too because then she has nothing to use to promote the greatest Entertainers Convention on earth next year. And it also hurts my feelings because I drove over a thousand miles to visit you and if you don't even come to say hi?

Photographing is completely free, it is only IF you decide to purchase do you pay. Then like always, we have 10 full-res images for $50.

So please do come to see us. Even if you don't paint anything, still say hi. It's a really nice thing to do, and the world needs more NICE!

And one last thing. If you purchased last year, but never picked your images I'm still waiting for you, don't worry your credit is still good with me.